Assembly instructions for the bugaboo cameleon stroller

Components Checklist: Box Number 12 Big Wheels2 little wheelsFrame handleSeat frameChassisFabric for basketFabric for seatFabric for bassinetBassinet mattressBox Number 2CanopyBassinet apronCover for the seatStart by attaching the wheels to the frame framework. The huge wheels go on the rear as well as the tiny wheels fix at the front. The logo design must be dealing with towards the rear of the infant stroller. Observe that the foot side has rough rubber on the frame as well as the head side has smooth rubber on the frame. This is where the apron attaches and also it is the foot end. Make certain that the plastic stiffeners are still inside their slots at the head as well as the foot. It is practical that they possess fallen out throughout transport and also they may still be inside the distribution box. Join the crib to the chassis. Place the mattress under of the bassinet. The cover clicks into fastening factors on every side at the center. Locate the head of the seat fabric. Glide the pocket opening over the smooth end of the structure and join both velcro straps at the bottom (foot) end. If needed, placed the structure on its side and also compel down on the frame to deform it a little to permit the hole on the band to associate the silver pin.