Quebec skilled worker process

Migration to Quebec is a factor based system and the applicant that goes with the interview have to hold the minimum factors for entryway and give all the valid documents that are suitable according to the demand for the Quebec migration. This meeting is set up in the place which is decided by the migration policeman of the Quebec so, it can be within or outside the country. Whatever the question a migrant have in its mind can make it clear from the migration professional/ consultant or the police officer. Choosing the meeting is the primary step in the direction of Quebec movement whereby it is made a decision whether the candidate is qualified to migrate or not. There are perhaps 3 problems – the migration application might get refused, could be accepted or a more notice for refusal of the moved application is released after a couple of days. In the 3rd case the candidate obtains 2-3 months time to send the files to make sure that interview application obtain accepted.